Panera Relaunch | Food as it should be
Adage Marketer of the Year (2018)

In 2014 we were given the task of reintroducing Panera to the public. They were already an incredible company at the forefront of better food practices, since the 70's. But the public just wasn’t aware.

Introducing ‘Panera Food As It Should Be.’
We rebuilt their brand from the ground up. Making sure their look and feel and tone of voice was as authentic and transparent as their attitude towards food.

We started the relaunch with a letter from Ron Shaich (Founder) to the American public. He wrote about the state of food and what he wanted to do about it. The New York Times published it.

We asked Panera to release their ‘no no list' (a list of artificial ingredients found on their menu) along with the commitment that they would remove them all by 2016. They fulfilled this promise and they’re currently 100% Clean.

Since the relaunch, and subsequent campaigns. They have become a leader in the conversation around better food practices and commercial transparency.

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  • For Panera Relaunch | Food as it should be

The 60 second film that helped establish Panera’s values for food.

The letter from Ron Shaich to America. Published in the New York Times.

We established that food should involve humanity, rather than being something perfect & untouchable that lives in a studio environment.

A 15 second brand construct was created to tell product stories with humanity.

A 15 second product focused construct was created that allowed us to be transparent about the food industry.

We also spoke to the human benefit when communicating functional offerings like pickup, delivery and catering.

Social look and feel was based off the Panera color palette, but it was given a more playful feel so followers would share it.

This is an example of one ongoing initiative where we deconstructed 100% Clean items so followers could see all the ingredients in the food.

Instagram was given an editorial feel which was appropriate for telling stories and reflecting our followers on this channel.

Cinema-graphs and gifs were an interesting way to regularly share a product shot with fans, alongside a simple brand message.

We redesigned their packaging. Injecting the brand tone into this takeaway median.*

A ‘Clean’ icon set was designed for use on menu panels, cards, e-communications and MyPanera

Panera was just listed as one of 2018's marketers of the year.

Multiple articles have been written about the brand since launch. Reinforcing that it’s transparent tone sets it apart from competitors.